Improving Converse Streets

-- Kitty Hawk Roadway Improvements
-- Toepperwein Road improvements
-- FM 1516 Roadway Expansion Project to 5 lanes
-- FM 1604 Roadway Expansion Project to 4 lanes
-- FM 78 & FM 1604 Intersection Improvements 

-- Rocket Lane Expansion Project to 5 lanes

-- 30 Miles of New Street Improvements

Economic Development 
-- Corridor Impact Study/Masterplan

-- Strategic Plan completed

-- Small Business support initiatives

-- Low Property Tax rates (same Tax Rate as 1989)

Quality Basic Services

-- Best Police, Fire & EMS 
-Better Waste Management Services

Property Taxes

-Balanced Budget  

-- Low Property Tax Rates (same Tax Rate as 1989)

-Increased Homestead Tax Exemption Rates to $10,000 for 

    ALL residents over 65

-- Recently proposed an increased Tax Exemption of $5,000 for ALL      

   residents over 65 


--New City website 

--New City newsletter

--Live Streaming of City Council meetings on City Website

--Developed Mayor's Call for accessibility 


--Established to address Environmental demands

--Established to address beautification issues

--Established to assist HOAs

--New Storm Water Environmental plan

--Established the need for Green Building in Converse

--Green Day's initiated 

Texas State Representative Satellite Offices

--Established local satellite offices for Texas State

   Texas State Senator District 26 Jose Melendez

   Representative District 119 Roland Gutierrez.
--Established to provide State Government to our local citizens

Increased Citizen Involvement

--Increased citizen participation in City Commissions

--Youth Advisory Council established 

City Parks

--New playground equipment

--New Football Field

--New Restroom facilities

--New Parking Lot

--Additional Trees

--New Linear Park Trails to be developed

Youth Programs

--Judson Youth Sports Foundation, Converse Cardinals, St 

  Monica Catholic Youth Organization, Randolph High School.


--Judson ISD,

--Bexar County Commissioners Court

--Northeast Partnership for Economic Development

--Metrocom Cities: Selma, Live Oak, Universal City, Randolph 

   AFB, Schertz,, Marion, Santa Clara Gardenridge, Windcrest, Kirby 


   and San Antonio.






--New Compensation plan for all Employees

--New "Safe Zone" at Police Department for private sales

--New Digital Marquee acquired--New Sidewalk Masterplan

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